Short Film

Written & Directed & Edited by Angel Anqi Gu

A story about delivering a hard drive in a place full of censorship.

Aiisha Nazar - Lea (The Young Girl)
Steven Alonte - Victor (The Man)
Kim Bazen - Mia(The Woman)
Maggie Zhu - Victor's Daughter & Lea's Mother
Parker Wang - Lea's Father
Frederick J. Chen, Charlotte Hurst, Berry Davisson, Shaoyan Chen - The Pursuers
Eric, Hill Yim, Cindy Zhang, Anna Liang, Ruiling Ma, Xiaoxuan Wang, Elvia Carreon, Chenjie Yang, Michelle Han - Young People in the room

Music Composer/ Sound Designer/ Sound Editor - Howard Ouyang 
Production Design/Poster Design - Olivia Chen
Director of Photography - Yifan Huang
Cinematographer - Zefei Liu 
1st Assistant Camera - Henry He 
2nd Assistant Camera - Federico J. Chen 
Lighting - Blake Wang 
Sound Recordist - Chris Tsai, Sofia Zhang
Production Assistant - Charlotte Hurst
Script Advisor - Jinglu Ji