Angel Anqi Gu is a filmmaker and screenwriter. Her latest work A Collaboration discusses the relationship between artists, the art world and artworks. Both the narrative residing in her videos and writings are often used as tools to explore human relationships such as power dynamics, and social issues such as censorship. The making of her work is a process of exploration, and the work itself is a result of the research. She uses her writing to develop a story, her set design to visualize the script, and she presents her opinions to social issues through sound and camera.

Her current script that is under development is a social commentary on the current situation women in China face, the conflict between new and old values, and the social expectation for women. The script features four ordinary women as typical representations of women in different stages in their lives —— daughter, wife, mother; and uses a fictional institution as a place that aims to keep the traditional values in a rapidly modernizing society.